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Notes from the Principal

Good Reading

Students will not always meet with success in everything they attempt to do.  Just as adults must realize that everything cannot go their way, children must also learn this lesson.  The sooner they learn how to deal with these 'bumps in the road' the sooner they will be able to cope with them and move on with their lives.

The book, "The Gift of Failure" by Jessica Lahey, gives parents hints on how to assist their children in dealing with the realities of life, preparing them for the real world where they cannot win every battle.  Children who are not prepared will grow to  be resentful and spiteful of others who may achieve more.  Try it, read the book and see if you can make a difference in your life and the life of your student.

Kitchen Project

As of this writing the tile is being placed on the kitchen floor.  The counter tops are on and most of the sinks are in place.  The kitchen is looking really good!  More funds are needed to complete the work for the appliances are yet to be purchased and installed.  If, after tax refunds are received, consider adding a bit extra so this job and the school roof may be cared for.

Principal's Day Off

Wednesday is the day that I am not in the office.  When there is a problem, Verna Canaday will act in my behalf. 

Principal Search

Dr. Kelly Bock, our representative from the Upper Columbia Conference, Office of Education, is actively looking for a new principal for TCAS for the up-coming school year of 2016-2017.  I am sure the Lord will provide the very best match for this school.  Keep this search in your prayers.


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