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All updated information can be found on our online newsletter found under the "News" tab.  We have done some clarification on the format and we hope that this makes it a little easier for you to follow.

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Moving along with our name change, you will note that we are now advertising the new mytcas.org.  All teacher emails will run through this format, however, don't panic... sending through tcja.org will still work for the next couple of years.  To contact a teacher here is how to do it: first initial, period, last name @ mytcas.org. Example: the principal can be reached at a.oucharek@mytcas.org.  We are hoping that this change will make it easier for you to email us if you have questions, concerns or ideas and all teachers will be a bit easier to reach via email,

Our school has been meeting the educational needs of children in the Tri-City Adventist community for the past 57 years.  What opened as a mission in 1945, was doubtless envisioned long before.  Nevertheless, when we opened that year as Pasco Adventist School, we had 14 children attend.  For the next number of years, our enrollment fluctuated, but never really climbed, though we had the children in the community.  As the believers came together and dreamed, however, things began to happen.  By the time we broke ground for our present building, moved here, and began operation as Tri-City Junior Academy, our enrollment had climbed to more than 100 students.  And there we have sat for the next 40+ years…

It is time to complete the vision that started with the members of the little school.  Currently we serve from infancy through the tenth grade. We did run an experiment with eleventh grade (which we ran for two years), and we are certain that the results demonstrated that our community is ready for us to grow again. 

Just as we needed to put on a new name to cover our growing limbs when we went from Pasco Adventist School to Tri-City Junior Academy, we need to again cover our growth at the extremities to include those two years of high school and the years below first grade.  And so our board has voted to begin with changing the school’s identity from Tri-City Junior Academy to Tri-City Adventist School.  You may see either Tri-City Junior Academy (TCJA) or Tri-City Adventist School (T-CAS) on all of our publications, online presence, etc.  Nothing changes who we are, only how others will know us.


Tri-City Adventist School is a two-building complex housing a daycare and pre-school through 10th grade classes, located in Pasco, Washington.  It is owned and operated by four Seventh-day Adventist constituent churches in the Columbia Basin - Kennewick, Kennewick Spanish, Richland, and Pasco Riverview - under the direction of the Upper Columbia Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.

And, for information on this year's sports schedule, be sure to visit our Athletics page.

4115 W Henry Street • Pasco, WA, 99301-2907 • 509-547-8092